⏰Expiry Withdrawal

Following the expiration date, option pools can be settled by anyone through the oracle contract. If the calls (or puts) sold settle out of the money, your position turns profitable; otherwise, it incurs a loss.

💸Settle Short Position

Navigate to 'Dashboard-Position' to locate your short position. If the shorts expire out-of-the-money, you are in profit and one collateral can be withdrawn for each option token shorted. If not, you'll incur a loss, and your position will expire worthless.

💸Settle Liquidity Position

Navigate to 'Dashboard-Open Order' to locate your unfinalized liquidity position. The amount of collaterals you can claim from this position is determined by the following factors:

YouCanReceive=CollateralDeposit+Fees+PremiumSettlementValueYouCanReceive = Collateral Deposit + Fees + Premium - Settlement Value
  • Deposit: The amount of collaterals initially committed to the position, if any.

  • Fees: Total amount of transaction fees you have earned.

  • Premium: The amount of proceeds you received for selling the options.

  • Settlement Value: Collateral payout to holders of options that expire profitably.

Note: If the position is seeded with prior-purchased options, any options holdings that remain unsold at the time of settlement will also be returned. You will need to exercise them yourself.

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