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⏰Expiry Withdrawal

After the expiry, anyone can call the contract to settle the options. If liquidity providers haven't closed their short positions prior and the calls (or puts) settle out of money, their open shorts become profitable. One collateral can be withdrawn for each.

💸Expiry Withdrawal

The page provides a breakdown of the various components of your payout, including:
  • Seed Deposit: The amount of collaterals or options initially committed to the position.
  • Or Reserved for Settlement: Collaterals reserved for sold options, in case expire profitably.
  • Fees: The transaction fees remaining in the position.
  • Premium Proceeds: The remaining premiums for any outstanding short options positions.
  • Settlement Value: Collateral payout to holders of options that expire profitably.
YouCanReceive=Collateral+Fees+PremiumSettlementValueYouCanReceive = Collateral + Fees + Premium - Settlement Value
Note: If the position is seeded with prior-purchased options, unsold options holdings will also be retrieved. You will need to exercise them and claim the payouts yourself.