🎃DIVΞR NFT Collections

The Year is 2030. The world lives underwater due to climate-induced flooding. Led by a mad scientist, Chadoshi Dogamoto, a group of mortals begin their battles against the volatile waters and the monsters within. Together they must protect their farmed yields and reduce carbon emissions. They call themselves DIVΞRs.


Genesis DIVΞRs

The genesis DIVΞRs are the first of their kind in the Diver-Gence universe, it includes a total of 256 unique non-fungible DIVΞR tokens, which are distributed to 256 participants in our Sushiswap IDO. The genesis DIVΞRs NFT are being graded by Chadoshi for their skill levels. Only those who are exceptional at diving are given the top grade. Among the 256 of them, there are 164 with Grade B, 82 with Grade A, and 10 with Grade A+.

DIVΞRs Armory

To defend their farms, DIVΞRs use spears to hit carbon-emitting targets. These spears, according to the Divers Digest, were forged by Chadoshi’s personal armorer, Harambe-san, before his untimely death in the Squid Wars. Upon his death they were scattered throughout the remains of the upper world — buried and submerged within volcanoes, lakes, snowy peaks, and deep oceans, waiting for warriors to discover them.

Each DIVΞR Spear is uniquely forged and its four key components are made of different materials: 1) Handle — made of metal or wood; 2) Shaft — plain or color; 3) Spear tip — standard or trident shaped, or made of shell, whale tooth or shark tooth; 4) Inlay — Each spear is inlaid with either jewel — emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst — or stone. The exception is the one unique golden spear, made entirely of gold.

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