🍸Dive Bar

Experimental prediction markets for those who would like to take a stand.
The Dive Bar uses the protocol's smart contract architecture, with custom oracle contracts retrieving off-chain data feeds. These markets are introduced as pilots, and are created for those brave enough for a dive. With sufficient community interest, and the support of third-party oracle networks, they can be integrated as staples of options offerings. Interested community members can request new prediction markets to be added to the Dive Bar.
The prediction markets primarily adhere to the options specs, with a few distinctions:
  • The markets trade on the outcomes of unknown future events. They can also be configured to trade on prices of assets, including those that are not yet publicly offered.
  • Each market uses one ERC20 collateral token to long and short YES or NO event outcomes
  • Spear tokens settles profitably when the event outcome is 'YES'.
  • Shield tokens settles profitably when the event outcome is 'NO'.
  • The interface is designed with some similarity to orderbooks, with each liquidity position (aka sell orders) set to a minimum interval of 30 ticks.
  • As is the case with shorting options, liquidity positions must be finalized under "Open Orders", before the shorts in YES or NO can be closed. To close shorts, simply click "Close", approve and confirm sending the pool the prompted amount of YES or NO from holdings, and receive the reserved collateral. Note that the open shorts can only be closed in full.
After finalizing a liquidity position under "Open Orders", go to "Positions" to close it.
  • To close longs in YES or NO, select a limit price, click "Sell" and approve the spending of Spear or Shield tokens. Then confirm adding Spear or Shield liquidity. Don't forget to finalize these in "Open Orders" as well to withdraw your sale proceeds!
  • Markets generally expire at 08:00UTC. From 09:00UTC, winning long YES or NO positions can exercise for profit. Liquidity providers who have opened shorts in losing YES or NO positions can reclaim reserved collateral, keeping the premiums as profit.
  • Alternative fee structures for the markets can be enabled.
  • Last but not least, these markets enable everyone to voice their opinions. Click on the "Yes" or "No" button and share your views on X 🤿_🤿
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