Create a New Market

If you want to create a new market on Divergence, it's easy and requires just a few easy steps.
During the very initial stages of the V1 release, options markets can only be created via a number of white-listed addresses using specified collateral tokens. This white list is not meant to be restrictive and can be applied. Once the liquidity status of V1 reaches a steady state, this whitelist will be removed and market creation will be permissionless.
Step 1: Click on this link that you can find both at the bottom of the LIQUIDITY page.
You will then find yourself here 👇
Step 2: Select the parameters of the market you want to create
a) Select Underlying:
Currently, you can choose between BTC or ETH. In the future, you will be able to create a market with a lot more underlying of community interest.
b) Strike Price Update:
c) Expiration Cycle:
When do you want the option to expire? After a day, a week, or a month?
Divergence DEX initially supports markets with daily, weekly, and monthly expirations with an on-chain settlement time that is the closest to 08:00 UTC.
  • Daily: 08:00 UTC every day
  • Weekly: Every Friday at 08:00 UTC
  • Monthly: Last Friday of a month at 08:00 UTC
A daily market created on 27 Jan 2021 12:31 UTC will settle at Jan 28, 2021 08:00 UTC.
d) Funding Amount:
Enter how much crypto you would like to fund the pool with.
Step 3: Choose your Spear Shield Price Split
Step 4: Click APPROVE/CONFIRM in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.
Go through the Metamask prompts. The APPROVE text on the button will then change to CONFIRM. Click it, and go through the Metamask prompts once again.
Once done, you will be automatically taken to the Dashboard section where your newly created market (and any other LP pools you're in) will appear.