Add/Withdraw Liquidity

How to add (and remove) liquidity from existing pools Divergence
Adding liquidity to existing pools on Divergence is easy. Just follow these few simple steps:
Step 1: Click on the "Liquidity" tab in the top left-hand corner of the page.
Once you click, you will be taken to the liquidity page where you can see the active options pools.
Play around with the different parameters (underlying, expiration cycle etc.) to find a pool that interests you. In the above picture, the underlying is set to ETH-USD so you see only ETH pools.
If you change the underlying to BTC-USD for example, you will see different pools 👇.
Step 2: Choose a pool you want to provide liquidity to. We are going to be choosing the first option on the ETH-USD list for the sake of example 👇
You'll notice that by hovering your cursor over a liquidity pool, it will show you the current value of Spear/Shield tokens in that pool.
Possible extra step: settle the prior round
After clicking on the pool of your choice, you may see this screen (only if a pool isn't settled) 👇:
If the previous pool at the same strike is expired, one user has to click on the SETTLE button to distribute rewards. If no one has done so yet, then you will have to do it before providing liquidity.
Step 3: Add your liquidity
Enter the amount of liquidity you wish you provide. Our AMM will calculate how that liquidity will be split between Spear and Shield tokens.
Step 4: Click approve/add liquidity and go through the Metamask prompts that pop-up.
Once that transaction has gone through, the APPROVE button will change to ADD LIQUIDITY. Click that button, and go through the Metamask prompts once again.
And that's it!
If you want to monitor your LP position, click on the DASHBOARD tab on the toolbar in the top left and all the details will be written in there.
You can easily add/remove liquidity using the +/- button on the right side.