Divergence's roadmap and strategic plans:
Roadmap details are tentative -- they will be reviewed periodically and are subject to change per development of the project as well as market conditions.

Trade on-chain binary options

Timeline: Q4 2021
V1 of the platform and the flagship product is an AMM-based marketplace for binary options of asset classes defined by liquidity providers.
LPs can create markets by seeding and adding crypto assets to liquidity pools, where synthetic binary options are minted and exchanged before expiration. These minted tokens offer binary pay-offs on the underlying asset volatility, and are auto-exercised and rolled-over upon expiration.
This product will be deployed on a layer-2 network that supports efficient operations at lower fees.

Governance, Staking Contract

Timeline: Q1 2022
An on-chain governance portal for Divergence will be released, giving DIVER -- our native token -- holders the capability to vote and decide on protocol parameters including trading fees, early withdrawal penalties etc. A staking contract will also be made available to holders of DIVER, who will be able to periodically claim a portion of the fees collected by the protocol.

Yield Vaults

Timeline: Q1 2022
Introduction of yield vaults that offer tokenized yield opportunities for relatively passive and longer time-frame participants on Divergence.
Passive income streams generated from the vaults will be distributed to both vault contributors, as well as liquidity providers on Divergence to further enhance their yields.

Multi-Chain Expansion

Timeline: Q1 2022
Product Deployment on more EVM-Compatible blockchains, including, but not limited to Binance Smart Chain etc. The initiative also includes bridging $DIVER tokens among different chains.

Volatility Indices and Index Derivatives

Timeline: Q3 2022
Delivering 1) indices representing the market's real-time expectations for volatility -- implied volatility -- derived from derivative tokens created via Divergence's binary option pools; 2) volatility index derivatives that allow users to easily gain long or short exposures to tokenized volatility.
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